Google is deleting YouTube comments including the word "共匪" within about 30 seconds of being posted. The word means "communist bandits" and is often used in comments critical of the Chinese government.


@sir Forget about search and web mail, those are solved problems with plenty of decent alternatives.

I think YouTube is by far the hardest Google thing to replace due to hosting costs and inertia.

@middlepath @sir
I think Peertube addresses the first point with federated instances that can share the load. Now inertia, that's a whole different thing.

@sir maybe should post 共匪 in the comments of completely innoculous "non political" stuff.

Also with this article for balance

@sir either the "Journey to the microcosmos" is real fast at moderating, or google already removed it.

They're also instantly deleted in livestream chats and are blocked in "Superchats" (basically donations with text).

@sir 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪

@tho language doesn't work like that. This is a Chinese word, not a Japanese word.

@xj9 @tho same characters, different words, han unification makes sense, fite me

@sir @tho

japan, korea, and china should each have their own sandbox to play in.

@xj9 @tho pensez-vous que l'anglais et le français devraient avoir des points de code mutuellement exclusifs?

@sir Are you actually braindead? Why would Google censor comments about the CCP when GOOGLE PRODUCTS ARE BANNED IN CHINA ANYWAY
@kaikatsu @sir all them filthy commie pinko libruls in silicon valley are working together!! wake up, sheeple!!!
it's not an accident they payed for it, they spend trillions that are never payed back, no biggie

So it's banned in china, who cares when you can can get a stupid amount of money right in your desk just for you and you alone

besides are you forgetting that there is an opinion of china outside of china, or have you never seen foreign media that never makes it to china praising the commies?

@kaikatsu @sir
@Elfie @fluffy @sir They also label as many videos as possible as "paid for by the Chinese government".

Quit falling for Falun Gong BS.

There is just 0 logic around the idea that Google supports the CCP at all and isn't just deleting messages with thet keyword because it was low effort spam.
@fluffy @kaikatsu @sir
Falun Gong BS? you mean those guys that get their organs harvested by the ccp?

I'm sure they are all full bs :02_laugh:
@kaikatsu @fluffy @sir
I only watched the movies, I was too lazy to check the series after seeing them

they kinda suck... they are like a shitty bladerunner knockoffs even though the original Ghost had it's own personality

"dude how do we make a smart philosophical movie? Just literally quote stuff that sounds smart during a face close up"

and then I read people saying the series was the weakest of all the shows and I just didn't felt like seeing them...

@sir Google gonna Google. Does this really surprise anybody?

@lucky should Google's bad behavior go uncriticised because it's expected of them?

@sir No, but it’s hard to get outraged when they’ve been banning people off their platform for political reasons a while.

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