Not to forget the good news today: the SpaceX Crewed Dragon docked with the International Space Station moments ago

@sir I don't see how this is good news, it isn't humanity's success and it isn't nearly as impressive as a lot of what we used to do in space before it was blatantly privatized. It isn't "America returning to space" as so much of the media likes to say, it's SpaceX getting people to space, that's all. Also SpaceX is lining up to become part of the future ISP oligopoly alongside Comcast, I'll be curious to see how much you praise them then. Space, more than anywhere else, must be a non-privatized and international space. SpaceX has already said it's seeking the US army as a primary starlink customer... What a joke.

@MonKaiju we were doing very little in terms of human space prior to its privatiziation. More ISPs is better than fewer ISPs.

@sir I agree more ISPs are better than fewer but that's not what we're going to get long term here. They're going to single handedly take up a tremendous amount of orbital real estate, at an orbit so low it interferes with a number of astronomy functions, and make it increasingly difficult for competition to be able to legally enter the space. With 12k satellites at that orbit how many space-based ISPs do you think we can have? Honestly it's not fair for 1 country, let alone 1 company, to do this, it absolutely should've been an international effort.

@MonKaiju FYI LEO is fucking HUGE, there's not a real estate shortage in space

@sir dude it's already enough, or will be with their 12k, that it's going to damage a number of astronomy projects... They don't like literally pack it with satellites for it to be 'full'. There's like, multiple kurzgesagt videos about this...

@sir source:

Also that's just assuming 1x 12k constellation, can't wait for that good ole capitalist competition to get a bunch of others up there. Hopefully regulators, assuming we have any left, won't let that happen

@sir This is late stage capitalism, nothing to be praised here

@sir Believe me I'm mad about plenty of other things too, guess I have plenty of rage bandwidth. I'm also extremely pro us exploring space, as a species, not as a private Corp thats just now accomplishing what the ussr did 60 years ago. I'm not saying we should wait until all our problems here are fixed, I'm saying of we explore space we should do it in an international fashion, not one where the government just shovels a bunch of money at a billionaire whose successes are built on public research.

@MonKaiju Apollo cost $150B. Crew dragon cost $3.1B. With costs coming down, private access to space is the inevitable result. This isn't a bad thing, this is progress.


meh, you can't compare Apollo to this. Would instead make more sense to compare it to the space shuttle.


@selea @sir @MonKaiju Also the Apollo and everything before it is the result of the engineering work of von Braun and his team (1000+ german semi-not-POW-but-not-free) with 1000s of hours of know-how and experimental data.

@sir @MonKaiju Elon is an expert fundraiser. He’s taken in at least $5billion in taxpayer money via government grants across spacex, Tesla, and solar city.

@sir A great day for science, but there is more important stuff at hand. Please call for national police reform and the abolishment of police unions.

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