@sir ffs why is this some weird USIan plug instead of an international standard like IEC 60320 C14

@sir ah yes when you need updated workstations but your employer says they will switch when the old ones break

@sir I’m scared...


I’ve also used things like that

@sir For when the POE device requires more then 57 volts

@sir sure... Ethernet is total rated for 120VAC at 10 Amps.... Why not!?!? Should wrap it in newspaper while you are at it.... For insulation...

@charims @sir Throw some oil in with that to lubricate the twisted pairs so the bits travel faster.

is this that wake-on-LAN I hear about?
@sir Is that why my teacher told me to start troubleshooting at the physical layer to the top?

@sir I've always wanted to do this and see what happens! 😃

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