@kino technology isn't bad, it's made by morons and doesn't do the goddamn thing it's told to

@sir @kino it's not made by morons it's made by people who don't want you to do what you want to do

@sir Yes, but why do we keep working with computers?

@sir The interesting challenge is to write the best possible software for imperfect hardware.

@dredmorbius @sir Oh, let me add yet a few bits: You don't hate the computers per se, and they don't hate you either, they're just dumb pieces of copper and silicon after all. You hate the people behind the computers, and they may hate you too. Then again, thinking of all the (de)motivaging factors involved at all stages, the issue is in no way special to computers or IT.

@dredmorbius @sir The engineers do some shit work because they are conditioned to, and/or as a form of sabotage maybe. The managers ask/make them to do so because they have plans and promises to keep. At the top of it are the investors, who may be just the elderly who want to keep their savings from inflation, and inflation happens because the government spends more than it is able to collect.
So? Who's to blame?

@amiloradovsky I'm pretty sure the answer is capitalism. Capitalism is to blame.

Obviously getting rid of capitalism won't fix everything; people will still make dumb stuff, but if you knock out the "we need to make as much money as possible" factor then there's a lot more room for people to take the time to make good products instead of making the cheapest MVP as fast as possible without regard for technical debt or dumb solutions. @dredmorbius @sir

@sir Well.. they should be rebuilt from the ground up. Then maybe they will be more useful for the next 10 years or so.

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