The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality continues to add a lot of great games. They have Celeste now, which is probably the best platformer of all time. Some other favorites of mine include They Bleed Pixels, Super Hexagon, A Short Hike, and Oxenfree. There's also heaps of tabletop games and asset packs for game devs. You need to pick this bundle up, it is the best deal in the history of gaming.

They've raised almost $5M now for BLM-related causes.

@sir I bought this and then rejoiced at the royalty-free assets for game development. That alone makes this immensely worth it.

Doubly so now that Celeste is in!

@sir I'm prob one of the few who don't really support BLM, but to each their own.

Side note, I've never tried celeste but heard it was good.

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