The private employee is accountable to their boss. The police officer is accountable to the public.

Labor unions organize the interests of employees against employers.

Police unions organize the interests of the police *against the public*.

The power dynamic is different, too. Employers have the power in the employee/employer relationship, since the latter is dependent on them for their income and livelihood. In the relationship between the police and public, the police are in power, they have a monopoly on force.

@sir In most US cities the PD is only accountable to the mayor. The public is more like a raw material that the police extract value from.

@middlepath the mayor is an elected representative of the public. It's an indirection but ultimately it's still the public that they're accountable to

@sir A police gets his salary from the precinct and he do have a boss... I guess you could say the money comes from the public but then you could say the employees money comes from its customers.

But it is true that the police have a monopoly on force... as long as they follow the law.

@sir There are police officers who are wondering about the future of their unions. There have been problems, but unions guaranteed all people 40 hour work weeks, weekends off ... and police don't even get that. Hell they barely get enough to living in their cities (and if anything, it's more important police live near the people they protect)!

@sir @st0neman I have no idea how much policemen are paid in the US, but in my country it's not a well paying job, and that means that the people who chose to do it are:

* those who can't find another job
* those that are in it for the perks, such as being able to abuse their power

what can possibly go wrong?

And then there is a leadership who is happy to select the latter kind of policemen when they send somebody for crowd control related tasks. These are IMHO the ones that it is urgent to get rid of (and probably the hardest one to do so, since they are not the ones out there committing the abuses, they are facilitating and causing them while safely elsewhere)
@sir Just the same as teachers unions organize the interests of teachers against their students.

@ebihara not really against the students, but definitely against the public. The public doesn't want the pay taxes, the teachers want to get paid.

Teacher unions are also not lobbying to eliminate oversight from summary executions of students, so

@sir The shittiest teachers I ever had were all union whores. They were completely unfireable.
@sir If by public, you mean the mayor, then yeah.
@sir You could stretch this logic to say that private unions pit worker against consumer. I get why the police unionized. It's not a great job, and they want to make sure they're well-compensated for it. Be careful what you wish for here. Good cops that have been on the force for a while will leave once their pay and benefits tank, and the overall quality of cop will decline. You'll basically end up with a bunch of corrections officers on the beat.
Police are unaccountable. And there is no way to make them accountable. Defund the police. If the police union goes on strike then it's the same all the sooner.

Once whites have to protect themselves from niggers, whites will begin using their guns against the violent criminal shrivelbrain niggs and the injustice system that has been victimizing them with unfair punishment for defending their homes all this time.

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@sir See, it's that second premise there that's the problem. Hasn't been true for a while now.

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