@sir +1 for Migadu, set it up on my domain a few weeks ago and the admin interface is great, setup guide was easy to follow, and being able to create unlimited email aliases is amazing

@sir I've used Migadu for some time now. Can't wait to see the new webmail. Especially now that i know you had something to do with it.

@sir It would be interesting to see the results of your evaluation in form of a table, summarizing whether a service supports sign-up without captcha/email, whether JS is required to sign up, storage/bandwidth limitations, ads/pricing, ease of account deletion, ...

@wasamasa a lot of things would be nice, but at the end of that road is a situation where no one is satisfied with my evaluation of their mail provider of choice unless I write detailed, objective feedback on every one, which is something I simply don't have time to do.

@sir fastmail got ruled out because of the subversive laws regarding encryption. However, Mailbox.org is German based, and they are also obliged to "the service provider uses technical measures to protect telecommunications, or “cooperates in the production or exchange of keys”, it must ensure that it is able to decode any telecommunications that are ultimately surveilled.", from gp-digital.org/world-map-of-en

@sir Interestingly there is no Google Captcha when doing the registration process in German (in my case). Since you can switch the language on the fly (and with a translator/German speaking friend) this might be a partial solution. Let's hope that they extend this to the English version as well 😁

@sir a hundred emails for "doers" feel like a bit tense

@bish I use email *a lot* and a hundred outgoing emails in a day is about where my usage peaks as a user. So... get the $13.50 plan?

@sir if we calculating raw mails-per-$ value, a cheapest https://do.co VPS for same price would be slightly ahead

@bish we are not calculating that figure, though.

@sir Are Disroot and Riseup ruled out because the email is tied to their domain?

@sir @njoseph What other issues are there with Riseup? Their politics?

@sir Great, concise analysis of Migadu and mailbox.org. Previously, Runbox was considered acceptable, and I was curious what had changed.

@oldfolio their UI lacks a lot of polish and their corporate culture does not mesh well with me

@sir With ProtonMail were you just put off by having to use the Bridge for IMAP SMTP? Technically they do have it.


@mke there are dozens of things that bother me about protonmail and you can bet your ass I am sick and fucking tired of talking to protonmail enthusiasts about it

@sir @mke I appreciate the write-up. One thing you don't mention is two factor authentication, which would be an important criterion for me. For access via a client like Thunderbird rather than the web, the only one who seems to offer 2FA is Protonmail via their bridges, acc. to another mastodon user when I tooted about this. I don't use protonmail for several reasons (likely overlapping with your dozens), but this I like. I just wish I could find it elsewhere.

@sir Re Migadu: do you have any other channels than the contact at migadu dot com address on their website? I thought about switching to Migadu, had a few questions, wrote two emails but never heard back from them since.

@bascht hm, bizzare. I would try again, maybe it was a fluke

@sir Did you try Mailo (previously NetCourrier) ?

@sir Just saw this and trying out Migadu. Service is quite nice so far. Thanks for showing some vendors!

I wonder what all of your objections to Riseup are? They have been my provider for years, and I'm not sure what there is about them that is not to like?

@sir thanks! I'm a happy customer of mailbox.org for many of the same reasons, looking forward to your work with migadu bearing fruit (for some reason it doesn't feature on as many provider review as mailbox, posteo etc).

Once we start raising a family and I start moving off Gmail seriously, paying for bandwith and not for storage sounds really appealing

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