Just the CEO of GitLab talking about prioritizing the needs of closed source software in the design decisions of GitLab


"To support and elevate the free software ecosystem"

Mission statement of SourceHut

@sir Well IIRC Pleroma can't have Gitlab CE because we would need to pay by the number of users, which is unrealistic in free software settings.

@sir sigh. I really didn't want to have to move again after moving from github to gitlab a year ago, but I'm starting to think about it more recently.

@nebunez It's 100% worth it to move to sourcehut imo. The platform literally /feels/ better to use. @sir

@jbauer @sir is anyone aware of migration tools from gitlab to sourcehut? I assume not since it's still in Alpha.
That's one thing that made it easy to go from github to gitlab. I may just wait for that feature.

@nebunez @jbauer

git remote rename origin gitlab
git remote add origin git@git.sr.ht:~yourname/projectname
git push -u origin master

Then click the link to complete repo auto-creation

Put it into a script if you have lots of repos


@nebunez @jbauer there's an API you could use to import issues, you can set it up with the original authorship intact, but it's not automated (would be a boon to the community if you put such a script together, though, ping me)

CI would have to be migrated manually, the two CI systems are different on a fundamental level

@sir @nebunez @jbauer automatic creation of repos is easily one of the best features of sourcehut on the merit of its simplicity alone.

@rune @sir @jbauer I think the writing's on the wall with Gitlab. I'm sure I'll be tackling these problems at some point when I have time.
I *love* that I can use it in a browser that doesn't support Javascript, with the only downside I've found being that viewing files renders janky with file numbers stacked on top of the code itself.
Also, I'm really curious why the files show permissions when you are browsing a repo.

@nebunez @rune @jbauer the tree view shows you the contents of git's tree structure, which includes file mode information

@sir @rune @jbauer Yeah, I guess I just don't see the need but I suppose that's because I never had a need myself (or realized I did) to view file mode information in that context. With that said, it doesn't really bother me.

@sir I've heard that GitLab is pretty predatory. A friend who works on a multi-uni research team told me GitLab offered them a 5-year "free" Enterprise plan. Part of contract is they're not allowed to upload their code to any service that's on their list of competitors.
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