Do you have a non-ANSI and non-ISO keyboard? If so, would you please make a video of yourself typing on it, ideally narrating the features that you're using to input effectively in your language? Especially interested in this for CJK users

Also, if you use an IME, a recording of your screen while you use it and narrate how you do so would be helpful

Please also include some information about how you navigate through documents as you edit and any language-aware features which make it easier to do so, i.e. ctrl+left to move back a word, or shift+double click to highlight text word-wise

Finally, please agree to make your videos available as CC-BY-SA 😄

I'm always curious in the "one-handed" keyboard layouts and I wouldn't be surprised if they would be easier to use on a non-standard keyboard (something like a Logitech G13).

@sir I use a ducky one2 keyboard in german hardware layout. I type neo2 ( which is optimized for german and english. Neo2 has a few features which are quite useful, e.g. arrow keys on layer4 on the left hand. Quite better to use than hjkl known from vim, since it is globally available in all applications.

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