I wish I had been in the room when they decided to ship literally any ARM device ever made

So that I could rain bloody murder upon that meeting room, sparing the world from eternal pain

And I *really* wish I had been in the room when the RISC-V people used the SAME "DESIGN" for their BESPOKE ARCHITECTURE dooming us to MORE PERIL FUCK YOU

@sir is there a certain design decision that is causing you so much distress?

@sir i'm not super familiar with what constraints either arch places on the boot process. i recently remember you complaining about mode switching, is that part of the problem?

@syntacticsugarglider no, that's x86, which is a nightmare that works, as opposed to ARM, which is just a nightmare

@sir yeah I'm somewhat familiar with the x86 boot process, and I know that's what you were talking about, but I was wondering if your issues with ARM are the same. apparently not... so, what exactly makes the ARM boot process a nightmare (that doesn't work? my ARM devices appear to work)


@syntacticsugarglider the main problem is that there is not an "ARM boot process". There are $n ARM boot processes, where $n is equal to the number of ARM devices in existence

@sir ooh okay yeah I was not aware of that

that's a bit horrifying

seems like a relatively (operative word) easy thing to standardize too

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