I have created the world's worst IRC bot framework: a persistent JavaScript REPL where anyone in the channel can do anything they want


We're just incrementally building up bot convenience features now in the most fragile and stupid context imaginable


<sircmpwn> .js on(/^I hate (.*)(\w|$)/, (msg, thing) => msg.reply(`yeah, fuck ${thing}!`)
<bot> => 7
<sircmpwn> I hate ARM
<bot> yeah, fuck ARM!

@sir oh neat, have fun reinventing all the IRC bot disasters of the past! (no spoilers, people!)

@riking this channel already has 8 bots, we're well into the disaster

@sir @riking Back in my day, I only made bots that posted ASCII dicks (both human and equine) whenever someone typed "cock"

@sir Is there a reason you hate ARM so much? I don't have much of an opinion, just curious

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