ActivityPub is the new .com biz and/or new crypto ICO and/or new buzzword you can show people while keeping your actual project slightly out of view so that morons will think that it's amazing and The Future because it involves $technology which is Uniformly Good

The cold hard truth of it is that ActivityPub is bad for almost all use-cases, and not great for the exceptions


*Federation* is the true value behind ActivityPub, and you can get that without it

@sir I see people say this often, but the reality is all the universally preferred iterations of federated platforms are based on it. So unless someone is actively working on transitioning to the next thing, does it even matter?

@boob I am a walking counter-example to your claim of universal preference

@sir I mean preference in the sense that it's what people use, not abstracts.

Where is Diaspora? Nowhere. You may as well post on a notepad.

@boob email is federated. IRC is federated. Matrix is federated. Git is federated (over email). RSS is federated. People are using all of these things, and none of them use ActivityPub. Any of these alone have been much more successful in their domain than all ActivityPub software combined.

@sir I guess, but those things have nothing to do with the context I was remarking toward. It seems like you're going out of your way to not understand.
@boob @sir
> universally preferred iterations

Most of ActivityPub is just standardization of OStatus with fixing some issues of it.

And there is no universal technology, when all you have is a hammer, everything isn't a nail.
@lanodan @sir Obviously I didn't mean a literal universal. See my other response.

@sir I have yet to see a modern social network that is in any significant way better than Usenet, and in general, they are worse.

@sir Regardless of technical merits, there is value in any protocol that gains sufficient traction. Consensus is the harder problem. You can't federate alone.

@mikegerwitz might does not make right, and neither does being popular. Windows is terrible and Mastodon is better than Twitter, but both Windows and Twitter are the dominant force in their domains.

@sir Federation is one of the few times where popularity is actually important. To overtake the likes of Twitter, we need a sufficient number of users, and enough federated instances to accommodate them. A "perfect" spec is useless if it's not adopted.

Microsoft and Twitter are objectionable on moral grounds. Any replacement is infinitely better, just as a barely-working free/libre program is always superior to a non-free one.

@sir I had to migrate to Mastodon from my years-old GNU Social instance because people stopped federating with OStatus. It didn't matter if ActivityPub was better or worse---I was cut off from the fediverse.

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