@sir i love pickles

can i get another super in-depth blog post with empirical statistics demonstrating that pickles are an inferior food choice?



fact: taste is subjective. You may or may not like pickles, and your personal preference is valid

fact: pickles have a strong flavor and it is detectable even in minute qualities

fact: pickles imply pickle juice, which soaks into all of the food.

therefore: if you don't like pickles, any food which has ever been in contact with pickles is ruined for you

Therefore pickles objectively suck

@syntacticsugarglider I can take lettuce off of a sandwich. I can't take pickles off of a sandwich.

@sir that's an interesting argument, I like it. However, if I enjoy pickles (which I do), wouldn't the viral nature of pickle flavor presumably be a beneficial characteristic? I guess you're making a general statement that any food which provides insufficient choice over a subjective matter to all individuals is a problem but that's true of countless foods, many of which you probably enjoy. The impetus is on you to ensure your food is initially pickle-free.

@syntacticsugarglider the point is that this is a negative characteristic almost unique to pickles. From your perspective, pickles are great, but from the average perspective (as in the literal "average" person, the mean of human experience), pickles are worse than other foods.

@sir any food of especially strong flavor with associated liquid byproducts (or of initially liquid/semisolid nature) will suffer the same problem

the first thing that comes to mind is literally any sauce/dressing (i particularly despise mayonnaise as a ruiner of sandwiches) and anything spicy (which I tend to enjoy)

sure, pickles are a rare primarily solid foodstuff that is a general flavor contaminant but I see no reason why that aspect of them should be important, solidity seems orthogonal

@sir @syntacticsugarglider I don't think that's true! Since Americans eat pickles with every savory meal and lots of Asian ethnicities do that almost as much we can form a picture that the average person on earth enjoys pickles frequently

@penny @syntacticsugarglider the average person enjoys many foods. Enjoyment of a food does not make the experience of that food positive, it makes it the default. Food is good by default! Good food is zero on the scale, bad food is negative.

@sir GPL is the pickles of software licensing?

@sir fact: cane vinegar is for cleaning, not eating. i hate when it is used as food ingredient. @syntacticsugarglider

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