"Increasing". The word you're looking for is "increasing".

@sir You should compare the plain text and the HTML versions of this mail.
They have completely different contents

@val already deleted this email so I'll take your word for it

I have never used scaleaway, I think I signed up back when I worked at Linode for a comparison of some sort

@sir @val I don't recall ever signing up either.

The email also doesn't provide a means of unsubscribing, which is definitely breaking a law or two on top of the unsolicited advertisement.

@val TIL, thanks.

Still disgusting at the same time.

@sir @val not that different… except where it matters, in the price list.

and guess where my only remaining instance is? :D

(I started using them when they offered ARM machines, now they aren't that interesting anymore, sadly)

@valhalla @val wait... they have different prices in the plain text and HTML version? WHAT?

@sir @valhalla
Mostly the same commercial crap, but different prices and signature

@valhalla @sir There are rumors Scaleway is working on new ARM machines.
"We are pleased to work closely with Ampere and are delighted to say that we’re evaluating Ampere Altra for the new breeze of our Arm64 cloud instances in late 2020." -- Scaleway

@sir transforming for the greater good of the price

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