@sir So you're just using Prometheus's built-in graphs for metrics?

@amolith we have an intern working on a new dashboard software, but in general we rely on alarms, not graphs

@sir I'm interested to see what they come up with. I've been planning to use Prometheus with Grafana for alarms and historical metrics for a while but haven't gotten around to setting them up yet

@amolith used to have grafana set up but it's really fucking annoying

@sir In what way? I did set them up briefly to test a while ago and creating an efficient dashboard was certainly a pain but I didn't notice any other big deficiencies

@amolith dashboard creation and version controlling dashboards are both a pain, the interface is slow and painful to use, very javascript heavy, and the backend is difficult to package and use as a sysadmin

@sir @amolith yeah making admin panels and dashboards and stuff is such a snoozefest.
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