@sir show also discussion on the PR and how different email clients render the patch...

@sir This was very informative, thanks. Will refer to this in the future git-send-email.io/

@sir this is brilliant. If I want to publish my long-lived branch/fork/proposed changes how would I do it? (In the GitHub model I've already done that in order to propose the change.)

@sir I'm really starting to get on board with the email workflow. Do you know of a good guide for receiving git email patches?

@zethra not yet, but I demonstrate some of this in the video here:


@sir Also, what are you using for email?

I'd love for some kind of guide on how to use a terminal-based email client in 2020.

@sir thanks for the video, good example to pass around to people. off topic question, what browser are you using?

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