@sir show also discussion on the PR and how different email clients render the patch...

@sir This was very informative, thanks. Will refer to this in the future git-send-email.io/

@sir this is brilliant. If I want to publish my long-lived branch/fork/proposed changes how would I do it? (In the GitHub model I've already done that in order to propose the change.)

@sir I like the email workflow, it's much more usable.
BTW: Do you know any sourcehut-like application but easy to self-host that is focused on few users?

With the email approach there's no need to have the huge complexity of forks, prs, and all that stuff that Gitea handles. So it would be nice to have a simple but yet useful self-hosting option. Ideas?

In my opinion Sourcehut is good, but it's not easy to self-host for small orgs or people as it's designed to be large (it is, right?)


Don't consider this an official statement in anyway but i selfhost sourcehut just for myself... Mind you I only have Git and Past module setup as it's all I need. But it's what I like about sourcehut you can run just the parts you want/need.

So I would say it's great for big or small use cases.


@mgrondin @sir I don't your opinion about this, but a Postgresql + Redis setup isn't what I would call a selfhost-friendly app.

I see...Then you don't want to see what else i selfhost...You need something for a DB...as for Redis my interactions with it directly have been very minimal so i don't see that as a problem either. Like i said that's just me.

I mean what do you expect? I think anything you look at is going to require some sort of DB...


The email workflow seems more well suited to single-maintainer projects. I can't imagine collaborative code-review using email alone, and the github model seems to be more suited to small orgs who don't expect (or solicit) drive-by patches from unknown persons.

@sir I'm really starting to get on board with the email workflow. Do you know of a good guide for receiving git email patches?

@zethra not yet, but I demonstrate some of this in the video here:


@sir Also, what are you using for email?

I'd love for some kind of guide on how to use a terminal-based email client in 2020.

@sir thanks for the video, good example to pass around to people. off topic question, what browser are you using?

@sir ho, actually you sound like a nice guy. :)

there is hope.

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