Don't fetishize the engineering ethos of megacorps like Google. Not just because they work at 1000x the scale you are, but just generally because their approach to software engineering SUCKS and is optimized to efficiently utilize 10,000 engineers rather than to efficiently produce good software


And really it's not about utilizing their engineers - it's about keeping them busy so that they don't work for <other megacorp>. The productivity of Google is *less* than a team 1/100th their size. This is also why they offer ridiculous salaries and obnoxious benefits like pet spas - to make their engineers feel complacent in their position.

The typical Google engineer is a 0.01x programmer if for no reason other than the negative effects of the system they reside in.

@sir this is true for every multinational corporation. The only reason they survive is that their competitors are other multinationals and they buy or kill smaller competitors.
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