"Kubernetes is the worst thing to happen to system administration since systemd"

"[k8s] adds hundreds of new failure modes to your software"

"I talk a lot of shit about Google, but Facebook and Microsoft are nearly as bad at turning out legions of ex-employees who can't be left alone in the room with a keyboard lest they attempt to recreate their previous employer's technology stack, poorly."

This guy is spitting straight truth

@sir i think the only reason kubernetes exists is to allow the operations team to operate 'over the fence'. I feel like no small company should ever be using it

@sir ive never messed with kubernetes. Whats wrong with it?

I think the main point is that it's completely unnecessary, unless your former employer conditioned you into an unhealthy dependency.

@sir etcd slowing becoming an absolute mess was one of the saddest things I've watched in a while.

Also the linked blogpost on why Protobuffers suck is also really good

@sir This footnote deeply resonates:

"HTTP/2 a.k.a. SPDY is a comically bloated Layer 5/6/7 mega-combo protocol designed to replace HTTP. It takes something simple and (most importantly!) comprehensible and debuggable for junior programmers and replaces it with an insanely over-complicated7 system that requires tens of thousands of lines of code to implement the most minimal version of, but which slightly reduces page load time and server costs once you reach the point of doing millions of requests per second. I am filled with rage just thinking about how we took a fundamental part of the Internet, simple enough that anyone can implement an HTTP server, and replaced it with this garbage protocol pushed by big megacorps that doesn't solve any real problems but will completely cut out future generations from system programming for the web."

@sir I had an interesting experience reading this today. I took a first spin through it and it resonated a lot with my own feelings of bitterness over how complicated technology is sometimes, and the influence exerted over my own experience as an engineer by tech giants like Google. But then I read the hackernews comments (usually a bad idea), and felt like a lot of them had a point:

@sir these feelings are probably very genuine, and worth doing *something* about but this particular reaction to them (posting a borderline hateful rant on the internet), is not really how I want to channel that emotion. I totally understand the place that it comes from though.

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