Listen, can we stop already with the master -> main thing, please? The keyboard warriors pining for it would find their time much better spent protesting things like the summary execution of the black population by the police. Our priorities are severely out of order here.

It's easy to make shallow virtue signals that give you the same dopamine release as the harder (and more effective) work involved in actually bringing about change, and it sells complatency

@sir Nothing wrong with doing both imo. Github et al doing it smacks of marketing but I don't see any harm in swapping it over along as long as you're not gonna go "What? We fixed racism see?"

@ari fine if you want that, but bullying projects who don't bother is going too far. Master is not a slur

@sir I like an 'all of the above' approach. Also if the terms do genuinely make a chunk of the population uncomfortable, and it's easy to fix, then let's just fix it 🤷‍♂️

@sir I agree. It's like how Jon Stewart describes it here (in this case, about Gone with the Wind):

"It's fine ... But we are still at the symbolic stage... We have to diagnose the real problem and not make a mistake by just changing the window dressing."

@sir Or they could install our applications, and document publicly how to break them. If they're really good they can suggest fixes.

@sir I am just waiting for people to complaining about the "Control" key.
Such oppressing...

There's no reason to call for a stop for one change just because there is need for other change. Unless you disagree with the change and that it is for the better that is?

I mean it's fully possible to do more than one thing. And every small change is valuable in itself.

Granted we should all focus on the larger problems, and that should be encouraged. But there is no need to discourage other actions for the better.

@sir im not really qualified to talk about whether the social impact is worth it (and have yet to hear directly from a qualified resource about why i should) but i still prefer main over master because i think it makes more sense. 'master' is not part of any official git standard, so i dont see why i should be discouraged from naming my branches whatever i want as long as its clear and understandable

@sir that being said, its kinda disheartening how much more discussion there is around this topic than there is about stuff i consider to me more important like police reform and private prisons

@sir September 2018
Have anyone noticed then?

So it could be just dealt and done. Without the hype, marketing and MWatts of energy wasted to transfer it :thinkingcat:

low effort shitpost 

Twist: the keyboard warriors aren't actually campaigning for it, and it's just a handful of dumbasses looking for cheap wins over meaningful change.

@sir I look at this more as making projects more welcoming to people that may associate `master` with slavery and using a less arbitrary term than “master”.

It’s a relatively small change for most projects, I don’t see what the big deal is.

I wrote a post about this a while ago to dive a bit deeper into my reasoning for making this change.

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