Thanks to CloudFlare I am running around with my hair on fire today

Wait, no I'm not, why the fuck would I use CloudFlare

@sir I was wondering why did I use it .
Then I remember it was because I hate to use Comcast DNS which fails 30% of the times.

@sir til that digital ocean's name servers use cloudflare because my website broke. 🤔

@joeo10 just run your own DNS servers, it's not hard

@joeo10 why does everyone insist on buying everything As A Service when you can just host it yourself in 15 minutes using knowledge which has been standard fare to sysadmins for 30 years

@sir @joeo10 it's the managerial philosophy of relying on as few people internally as possible so you can run on a skeleton crew of easily replaceable code monkeys in perpetuity

Cause there are countries like Austria that have an imprint law that would require to make the personal data of the admin public ;)

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