Restoring from borg backup is progressing at about 2.5GiB per hour. FYI in case you need to know that for planning purposes in your own backup systems (and you should do periodic test restores from backup yourself, by the way)

@sir that seems painstakingly slow! stop observing it. may speed up a bit while you are not looking.

@nergal yeah it's kind of souring my opinion of borg to be honest

@sir @nergal I saw some benchmarks that Borg was still surprisingly faster than Restic. They might have been old, but I'm hoping to find a better tool that can 1:1 replace borg.

I've been looking at

@Katsudon @sir @nergal might be of interest. It's not ready yet, but they claim it to be faster than borg, and much faster than restic.

@Katsudon @sir @nergal there's still a bunch of experimentation going on, for squeezing out more performance, which is why there's frequent breaking changes. I'd assume there'll be a stable release at some point, there's still work happening on it

@Katsudon @sir @nergal looks like duplicacy uses a strange non-free license
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