I have this weird state of affairs where I have so much shit to do and have had so much shit to do for so long that it (1) takes a long time to finish anything and (2) finished things are immediately replaced by new tasks. There's a constant flow of tasks being concieved and completed and the two kinds are separated by weirdly large gulfs of time. I also context switch A LOT, working on as many as two or three dozen tasks per week of which maybe 2 will be completed during that timeframe

This workflow makes me highly aware of the unrelenting flow of time

My notes for this week, which covers less than half of what I'm working on

hey I can actually cross another one of these off

@sir this is the kind of workflow that kills creative minds, beware

@xerz I don't feel that my creativity has suffered under these conditions, quite the opposite

@sir That's the thing, you start pretty nicely but then burnout awaits. Hope you know what you're doing.

@xerz I have felt burnt out a few times, I didn't take any time off (not even weekends) for the first year I was working on FOSS full time. I started to recognize that this is unhealthy and take more time for myself, though.

@xerz taking time for myself just puts this train on hold for a while, the work isn't going anywhere, it can wait (it already has to wait just due to throughput issues)

@sir on the plus side, you're really productive 🙂

@Horizon_Innovations nothing formal, I just use the tools which seem convenient in the moment (text files, notebook, reminders, others)

Does it work for you, or do you think it could be done better?
And yes this is going somewhere!

@sir According to Dr. Compernolle (expert in how the brain works) in
multitasking (technically impossible) and frequent context switching is killing for productivity.

@FreePietje according to me, a person who gets things done, I don't really care what someone else thinks about my workflow

@sir That's fine.
I just recalled that information/interview (that I found interesting) and figured I'd share it. What you do with it is ofc up to you :)

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