Are there any emacs users about who are proficient in elisp and interested in helping to write an emacs plugin for a new programming language?

Ditto for VScode users who are proficient at writing plugins for their editor and proficient with low-level programming

@sir what kind of features are you expecting?

(not that i could help a lot, even if i have tinkered with vscode extensions)

@sir You should consider writing a language server so all editors can provide nice IDE type features without having to make a plug-in for every editor

@jwinnie You still need the basic features like the syntax highlighting or automatic indentation, regardless of language servers. I believe it is possible to use a LS for them too but first and foremost it's a bad form to require the user to use a LS for the very basic features.

@sir How C-like is the language in terms of syntax and indentation rules? I've helped out with the C# package before and made one for ChucK. Both rely on cc-mode which implements many of the tricky parts.

@sir Hm, from the screenshots you've posted it looked very much like Go or Rust, but I've checked and these decided against using cc-mode and clock in at 2000 lines of code each. Getting towards that will take a while, anywhere between weeks and months of tinkering.


You have experience with elisp, have you an opinion on the 'semantic' toolset from cedet, but for languages other than C++? Their 'bovine' parser and cohorts.


@wyatwerp I've never used them, so far I've hand-rolled recursive-descent parsers.

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