@sir This post nails why software engineers and AI folks in particular always need to always also think about ethical use of their software.

AI and autonomous agents makes things even more complicated.
But the more accountability gets harder to pinpoint, the more important it gets for everybody to take personal responsiblity.

Even if it is not you alone, "not my department" must not be an option, when you have the choice to avert injustice.

Excellent piece and I completely agree.

"As developers, we are often one of the last lines of defense against potentially dangerous and unethical practices."

What annoys and worries me though, is that it appears (to me) that we're the ONLY line of defense.
Why didn't the Account Manager or the Project Manager or the client itself question the ethical aspects?

The US opioid crises happened because no one questioned the ethical aspects.

Still, doesn't absolve us from our ethical role.

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