We established the other day that only morons use chat services other than IRC. But, there is an interesting implication to note: this draws morons away from IRC, creating a kind of reverse eternal september. These days IRC on the whole has noticably fewer idiots on it than it used to.

@sir with the exception of channels that have an embedded webchat on the associated site of that particular channel.

But it's not just the services people who talk in memes to each other are rather stupid. But the worst are the clients! If I need a browser to chat because fu**ing matrix bullshit does not have a single usable client. And get rid of this electron bullshit ... I will certainly NOT install a whole browser just to be able to sending text messages.

Yeah, the electron app for Matrix really blows...I mean, it works, but it just sucks.

@sir As a sadm of an IRC server I must say that although the number of morons decreased the ones that remain are the most annoying to deal with.

@wowaname @sir
To his credit, if you enter a room and find not a single moron in it, it's time to look in the mirror
@izarella i bag on @sir precisely due to his elitist complex over irc and not having any legitimate arguments for why it's a good general chat protocol
@wowaname @sir
The big issue with IRC is lack of images
Persistence doesn't matter much but I'm not going to convince people to join it without images
@izarella @sir that isnt my big issue, mine is that the protocol is fundamentally garbage and hacked together
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