Interesting how Japanese has an onomatopoeia for "staring". Are there any English onomatopoeia's which are used to represent something which doesn't actually have a sound?

@sir Interesting how Japanese has onomatopoeia for silence. I don't think English has that, no. 80% sure.

@sir What is the Japanese onomatopoeia for "staring"?

@sir I did some research on Japanese sound symbolism in college - gitaigo and gijougo are so interesting! While english doesn't seem to have them to the same degree, I feel like phonaesthemes are kinda similar, e.g. glow, glitter glimmer, glare, gleam, glisten let the gl- prefix function sort like the gitaigo "pika-pika"

@sir Some comics do use verbs or adjectives unrelated to sounds to add context/hints, but I don’t know north american culture well enough to be sure if it qualifies as onomatopoeia. We also do this in french comics but I don’t think that we qualify them as onomatopoeia

@sir Flash is one, among with other light related words. Also mumble is often used to represent deep thinking

@fgaz flash is a good one. Disagree wrt mumble, though

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