Repeating my call for help from emacs plugin writers

I'm missing context here, what's your call for help regarding?

I'm looking to switch to emacs and have written a few vim plugins, so I'm inclined to learn how to write an emacs plugin too.

@thelonelyghost looking for someone to write a plugin to add support for a new programming language

Similar syntax to an existing language? e.g., Crystal is similar to Ruby, TypeScript is similar to JavaScript

@sir There are still ones willing to admit to writing one? :)

@sir Wouldn't it be better to first actually unveil the language? It's hard to say "yeah, I'm interested in helping" when it's still a half-secret what it's all about.

@vifon naturally I would share the details with the volunteer in question

@sir That's still a "chicken and egg" kind of problem.

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