Oh dear, did this comment just change my view on space-padding versus tab-padding..


@neauoire the other reason which should immediately shut down the discussion is that tabs are more accessible. If you have a vision impairment then tabs allow you to customize the display of the code to read more comfortably.

@sir @neauoire yup, this is what did it for me : reading a comment from someone who actually has a vision impairment and does this

@sir @neauoire I also like tabs, but not for padding, since it requires a fixed tab-size (which is contrary with the idea I can change the tab-size).
Complete motivation: gitlab.com/BartG95/dot/-/blob/

@sir @neauoire well, you've used THINK Pascal, and it handles it for you, and uses a proportional font :)

You can configure most editors I know of to change indentation-as-spaces to display with your preferred width, even though they aren't tabs.

You could make a good argument that this is putting unnecessary complexity into text editors to overcome something that shouldn't be a problem to start with.

Treating code-for-humans as raw lines of unformatted text is the main problem. :/

@cancel @sir The realization I was having when reading that comment was that there was something designed explicitely to do what I was doing, and I was not using it. I don't like when editors do too much for me either, well in any case, moving forward, I'll make sure that my editor saves the indentations as tab characters.

@neauoire @sir

I agree tabs are slightly better than spaces for C code, and most other languages that adopt the leading indentation style like that.

In practice I don't care that much, and I just use whatever the project uses, and if someone else comes by later and wants to change it or something, I point out there's a way to make what they want to do work under whatever circumstance. Usually by configuring editor or using auto-format tool.

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