Google does not get credit for Go. Credit goes to a small number of language designers, whose backgrounds and prior experience came from outside Google, and a small number of obvious inspirations, also not of Google. If Google had not signed the check, Go still would have been made and would have been exactly the same.

All of Go's flagship features: goroutines, channels, garbage collection, even GOPATH; are direct descendants of Plan 9 at Bell Labs.

The Go assembler was literally *copied and pasted* from Plan 9.

@sir So, Go is a language from outer space, then?

(I'll see myself out.)

@sir im disappointed that you dont consider the mascot to be a flagship feature

@jaxter184 the mascot is also clearly derivative of Plan 9

@sir sorry if it wasnt clear, but im familiar with glenda, i just consider the mascot a derivative feature worthy of being listed

@amiloradovsky fwiw Go made these things worse

And Plan 9 doesn't have a GC

That's very interesting information.
It's common to see those companies being referenced as big innovators, but sometimes I think they are just doing sneaky moves and buying the correct companies and people.
Sad that everyone sees Google as "the technology place".

@sir What Google did is bring these people together to make it and offer them the environment and the financial compensation to do it. You cannot expect a CEO to be able to be the source of innovation for all that their company produces. But it is fair to acknowledge that an employer decides to unite people over a project and finance it. Another company could have united these people toward the same goal. But Google did it first or better.

@sir the language is also extremely similar to ALGOL68
I didn't know that the mascot is also an uglier rip-off.

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