@sir I attempted a bugfix in aerc, kinda feels like it fell into a black hole. Probably because I don't understand sr.ht very well yet.

@sir Very applicable. Good post.

I have learned this recently. I am most productive when scratching an itch, and don't get much done when I am aimlessly trying to find something to contribute to.

>If you already know what you want to do, then the question doesn’t need to be asked

Agree. Most people who asked me "how to contribute to Xash" usually never responded back with any kind of contribution.

Well, if we say that bugreports are contributions too, then it's not entirely true. In this case people just don't know where is our issue tracker or they afraid we use English and they don't know it but in fact, main contributors know Russian, so I just tell them use this language if they know it better.

What I usually can't explain to people who already made several patches but don't published it or made it into personal forks, that everyone will be glad if their code will be upstreamed. If they want to improve code quality, other contributors will gladly help them.

Of course, I understand that they're may be not interested too much but practical side of me says it's just wrong.

@sir I did send an email, I believe. Should that be reflected in the web ui somewhere?

@sir yup. Every commit I've made to the Go standard library has gone via gerrit, so I understand that there is life-after-pull-requests. Thanks for the link to the web-UI where I can verify that my email made it. The last one didn't, but now I've got someplace to verify whether the next one makes it or not.

@alrs don't add a panic please... aerc should never crash in theory

@reto I'm not "adding" a panic, I'm behaving exactly as the previous regexp does. The "normal" thing to do would be to use a MustCompile() and let it panic that way, but I was following the extant style. It's not unusual to panic() on a failed regexp compile in Go that's inside an init(). Not a panic of my invention, either in aerc or Go best practice.

@sir That's exactly the kind of advice I needed! Thanks!

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