Firefox market share vs Mozilla Foundation chair salary (2.5 million/year in 2018)


@sir this is one of many reasons why I don't see Mozilla as an organisation on "my side".

@sir i wish there was a better, more privacy respecting browser than Firefox. If there is one I've missed please let me know.

@zethra @sir there are various forks of Firefox. LibreFox, Waterfox, Icecat, etc.

Those were generally forked because a group of motivated users wanted a decent browser that respected some (different) sane defaults. One common theme is improving privacy.

@zethra the problem is that it's literally impossible to build a new web browser engine from scratch, so the incumbents have no incentive against misbehavior

@sir @zethra Unfortunately the best options for a free software browser are Firefox forks like IceCat or Palemoon.

@sir @zethra
Its not impossable. To build a web browser you will just have to cut some of the "modern standards". Dillo is a small web browser that works great for websites that dont need js or a lot of other modern web bloat.

@SwindlerOfInsanity @sir I'm not familiar with Dillo, but Wikipedia says it's been around since 99. The closest thing I'm aware of to a browser that's less than 10 years old and not based on an existing browser is servo. But that's not exactly usable. It also may share more with Firefox than I'm aware.

@zethra @sir
Fundamentally a web browser is a program that retrieves formatted text files from other computers. If you can make a program that can request , download, and display text files you have made a web browser. Will it have all the added "features" of a "modern" browser. No, but I honestly don't think we should celebrate websites that break by default or require proprietary tools to build and use.

@sir Honestly I think this graph is not interesting.

What ought to be a little relevent is to put aside Mozilla's chair salary and Chrome/IE company chair's, I don't know.

Guess no one of them should gain that much anyway. More or less nonsense is still nonsense in my book.

Meanwhile, no one (me included) gave a penny to Dillo and other browser alternative :(

@sir Baker hasn't been CEO for all the years in that graph, so it seems a little misleading. But yes, her compensation now seems questionable..

@sir is the recent "we laid off a bunch of people because we want money" relevant to this or am I tired and not good at this

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