Privacy is not built on trust, it's built on MATH

@sir Try explaining that to someone in congress :) I can't help but be amused when I hear national security folk talk about the 'going dark problem' and I'm like IT'S MATH PEOPLE YOU CAN'T LEGISLATE IT AWAY :)

@sir that's why I call the current web of trust "web of mistrust". You don't trust anybody, only maths you don't understand.

@sir always some trust down there. Gotta trust your cpu, memory, "secure enclave", the buses, the bios, the drivers, the kernels the dynlibs and then the software running on them. 2020 trust is a friggin nightmare.

@sir FWIW, I wish we could somehow empower societies to punish trust violations swiftly and strongly.

Because while perfect privacy is built on math, trust is still a ridiculously efficient heuristic - and trying to replace it with math is super-wasteful, energy-wise.

@sir math doesn't magically solve all problems, really. You still need to trust every person or institution you communicate with.

If, for instance, you are an UK citizen and the NHS decides to hand your data to Amazon, how could math have prevented that?

@danipozo in this example, the NHS should have designed a system which prevents them from having that level of access to your medical information, so you can choose who its shared with.

@sir well, that is an alternate reality that would be very nice. However, I see some problems to implement such a system in this:

- every time that you identify to the NHS or send any data to it, you should encrypt it before, maybe with your doctor's key or something,
- every time you are practiced any kind of medical test, you need to trust that they encrypt the resulting data and don't store in a globally accesible file, etc.

@danipozo surmountable problems, in a solution not designed off the top of some mastodon rando's head

@danipozo @sir In a GDPR-world (which UK isn't in but whatever enjoy your long time low-key EU membership btw), the NHS can't give it to Amazon because no one in the dataset did consent. (Amazon could ask NHS to use the data for them though, but Amazon can't use it directly)
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