If your program uses Rust, that is an implementation detail, not your flagship feature

@sir This so so much... All these daily articles "x in rust" are getting annoying.

@sir “and everyone say they are blazingly fast these days”

@sir thank you for phrasing something I've been thinking for a long time in such a succinct way.

@sir b-b-but using C in 2020 is irresponsible and not safe

@leo That's not an argument that Rust evangelists have a monopoly on; nor one that they came up with. You can be sick of their shit, and think it's a terrible idea to use C without good reason these days.

Here is Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs on the matter:

@sir can "not written in Go/JS" be a flagship feature?

@sir I can be a bit of a Rust fan-boy and I have to agree with this. Useless your posting in r/rust I don't care.

Do let me know if. It's written in JS though so I can ignore it faster.

@zethra heh the language can definitely be an *anti* feature

@sir this but golang tbh
every golang project that performs X is called goX and i'm rly tired of it

@haskal @sir for libraries with a generic purpose, putting the language in the title is appropriate imo

for applications and libraries which tend to be more creative in their API and DSL then definitely not

@sir I kinda feel I let the side down here by having "written in Rust" as a tagline back when it was new and novel, then not updating the description for six and a half years

@sir My program doesn't actually have any features. It just uses Rust.

@sir Methinks it's often an anti-feature; as developers often claim it's necessary for them to produce performant (bonus points for "blazing fast" or whatever) systems, but they end up producing slow systems because they don't consider that they have to optimize past "the first thing that pleases the compiler and linear type system".
Doing just that is then a pain because of the non-interactive compiler.

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