@sir I couldn't agree more.

We need to just ignore Google and make our own thing based on simplicity.


The ideological divide in software between Web/Browser Developers and, uh, everyone else is fascinating to watch.

To web developers, having a fully like-native application experience is their version of Manifest Destiny. We'll catch up to native because _of course we will_. And at all costs

That's why they roll their eyes at these kinds of articles asking for less JavaScript or less scope creep on Browsers


Full Disclosure: I have a "Modern" Web Development background and think that Browsers will eventually deliver a close-to-native-as-possible experience eventually. But that's shifted from excitement to resignation recently.

When you get a taste of simple, composable tools you suddenly realize that by shoving everything into the web we're _losing_ options. Native keeps dying on the battlefield of the web and hopefully that reverses. Especially since Google is now responsible for most of it

@sir I think that the best thing, for us techies, is that Firefox is the most friendly to being split-off into a separate and good browser. It may just come to it one day.

@sir are any or the "web alternatives" like gopher worth my time?

once browsers stop evolving you’ll get a fucking zoo of apps, which do nothing but re-implement tables in flexbox (just like it is today on ios)

The whole Mozilla VR team has also been fired (a friend of mine worked there), so I guess they won't be adding much stuff on that front at least

@sir Thought there were some insightful comments (some in agreement, some in disagreement) over on Lobsters: lobste.rs/s/qrndf5/web_browser

@sir I don't think the major web browsers should be called "web browsers" anymore. It's almost like they are their own mini operating systems.

@sir Agreed; the Web quickly went from hypertext markup to the world's most overengineered, bloated application runtime. Browsers are more complex than smallish Linux distros (excluding pre-packaged programs that come bundled with web browsers).

One minor point: you are correct that Safari is proprietary and only runs on a proprietary platform; however, its browser engine is Webkit. Webkit is FOSS, cross-platform, and quite embeddable.
@sir totally agree that browsers went absolutely cranky. but the web itself is the main cause for this. we need the global web refactoring and purification before we can create a normal browser.

Is there any way someone could coordinate to implement this stopping?

@yoshir convince some key browser programmers of the cause

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