@sir nice one! It sounds like iOS devs should unionize.

@eskuero that was actually my PS4 controller being knocked off the table as I set my gameboy down

Both survived the ordeal

@sir @eskuero “…or on your PlayStation”

nice save LOL

@sir This is 100000 lightyears away from Relevant but the place you live is really cool

@sir I mean, I would love that, but it seems somewhat optimistic. I would bet that the "epic wins" senario would be an out of court settlement, which wouldn't do anything.

@evan they explicitly disclaimed seeking monetary damages, and explicitly said they wanted to correct the behavior for the benefit of small businesses, in the text of their lawsuit filing

@sir ok but do you trust epic, an out of court settling doesn't have to be monitary, it cpuld be a exeption of the 30% tax just for epic.
@sir yup, and hope for rhe tech reform version of events

@sir Apple has been an anti-competitive closed off Walled Garden ecosystem for over a decade,

so anyone who opts to buy from Apple is giving up their right to complain that they're in a Walled Garden, because they put themselves there voluntarily.

All those people enslaved themselves and now want to cry about the lack of freedom. boo hoo. Buy Android dummies. lol.

@sir haha. Yeah, there are plenty of people who just wanted to enjoy the Garden of Ease-of-use, before discovering their nakedness.

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