Reddit moderators are ass

@jeff @sir Nah, both are stuck behind the Google Reecaptcha IIRC.
@flab @jeff @sir Not the problem.

4chan used to work purely without JS (see /g/ some years ago with lynx posters) and also used to not have call to third-parties like google (aka botnet in *chan jargon).
@lanodan @flab @sir at least i can tell someone acting like a faggot that they are acting like a faggot on 4chan, can't do that on the reddits my dood.

@jeff @lanodan @flab @sir Well it’s a good thing the Fediverse is better than both 4chan and reddit, because I do believe someone here may be acting like a faggot. Yes sir, there is indeed most profound faggotry here. My homometer is off the charts!

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