Reminder that you should write software which brings joy to people, not anger

Especially avoid writing software that forces people into writing MORE software just to get rid of yours, like popup or ad blockers

A newspapers website did not let me read an article recently, instead it ordered me to enable JavaScript. Turns out, that disabling CSS works as well.

@sir @sankakujin
I should stop clicking on those stupid pocket links in Firefox, as they do not offer any option to filter them. I do not want to be a product cheaply sold to advertisers. Those links should have price tags.

@sir @sankakujin

When this happens, I often find myself using `links` to browse sites on mobile, despite it being a command line browser, because `links` cuts not only through the Javascript, but also the CSS and everything else.

maybe I'm weird, but for me, the greatest joy a software can bring me is when it causes a bunch of difficult problems that I finally solve after hours of debugging.

@wolf480pl @sir Solving difficult problems that advance software is very nice, but playing the cat and mouse game is counter productive and isn't fun at all.

@sir: Indeed. Feels like a valid statement for quite some situations, even situations, not everyone will agree with, like this one:

For me, a software which causes so much #pain that other started writing alternatives, is #systemd.

Without systemd, nobody would have had to write or #fork #eudev, #elogind, docker-systemctl-replacement, #opentmpfiles (by #OpenRC), etc.

Nobody would have ever created #Devuan and we wouldn't need an externally hosted (!) #debian-init-diversity mailing list, etc.

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