Your choices are to sell it to me DRM free and encoded in an open format

Or piracy!

There will be no negotiation on this matter.

@sir If you don't mind me asking....what is this a response to?

I assume to nearly every streaming and digital media distribution "service" out there.

They mostly use DRM and therefore not only control the market to sell a product, but also how you consume it.

@bloor @sir Fair enough. The music community has Bandcamp now, but is otherwise largely a part of the problem.

@sir @merlin I do too, but I never read them. Epub is just much more convenient for me.

@fnord @sir @merlin I'm the exact opposite. I forget to read e-books even more than I neglect my dead tree library.

@sir A DRM-free streaming site which uses Indeo 4 video, Cook audio and CSS-styled WebVTT subtitles in an MPEG-2 TS container (the BluRay version with 192 byte packet size just for some fun).
Just be thankful they're not using Ogg Kate subtitles.

@sir That was true for me, now it's "Sell it to me DRM free or not at all!"

Took movies *mostly* out of my life, but I'm finding I prefer the writing in audio shows anyways!

(Not sure how principled I'm being about formats, because GStreamer's so excellent... I certainly lean towards freer formats at least)

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