Spending 20 minutes learning how to use git send-email is no different from spending 20 minutes learning how to use GitHub

Get this through your fucking skulls

@sir you can "learn" github while doing something useful
for send-email you need to set up email software on your computer

@epi false, all you need is git send-email

What useful thing to you get from "learning" github other than how to use github? how is that different from learning how to use git send-email in the process?

@sir The concept of PR or MR from github has extended to other free platforms, as Gitlab or Gitea, so I wouldn't say that right now that concept is propietary. It does make the concept work as silos, since you can't use the same tools between the different platforms, though.
Didn't know about the git send-email implemented in sourcehut, I should see how it works before give my view. Seems pretty cool. I'm guessing it's easier to send "MR" from one's computer without using a web interface, which I always like more.

@sir @epi
Must click big animated javascripty buttons

@westofer @sir @epi cause that feels good, and that's good enough

@ma1uta @sir Quoting from the article: "It is just that the modern mail client has intentionally moved towards HTML"

That, right there, is a huge part of the problem.

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