Let's make businesses which are cooperative, not exploitative

@zethra @sir I'm starting to think things like are probably better short term.

Tried to run my biz that way but turns out nobody, and I mean only me, cares about health insurance or wants to actually decide on and make big decisions that are scary and involve change.

Give everyone ownership, but still put someone in charge and compensate them for it.

@zethra @sir maybe if the US tax code becomes more amenable to it as well. Administering 5 owners was a nightmare. We're down to 3 now and its more tenable.

@peregrine @sir yeah, that's part of my hesitation. I'm also still to inexperienced to really run a business. (at least I think I am)

@zethra @sir nobody knows how to run a business. I started in college. Find a network of people who have been there. Ask them specific questions when you have them. But not until you have them.

@zethra @sir also don’t let me stop your coop dream. If you can fine people who are into it and want to participate there are resources available to aid.

@peregrine @sir thx for the advice. I'm about to graduate college and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life

@sir i mean, sign me up. i work in the public sector, which is as close as i've gotten, and even then it's just a speck in the distance.

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