People who claim that email is too hard to use with git are basically the same as flat earthers

@sir I know it's your style but if you constantly try to convince people that they are idiots because they use GitHub/Gitlab instead of mailing patches you'll only be preaching to the choir forever.

@lain if you can find a solution for anti-intellectualism you'll win the nobel prize

@sir sending emails is not a sign of being in 150+ and idiot HN comments are not the things you need to argue with

@lain @sir what a non sequitur , did you mean to post this somewhere else?

@lain @sir
I guess it helps build a group identity and strengthen in-group bonds. Not sure if that's Drew's goal tho...

@sir eeminds me of linus's rant om the (then?) Github ui

@sir you remember when i asked why the e-mail setup (for hg, but it's similar in git) did not work and you where not able to help? speaking to mailservers is hard

with github and ssh key, it just works :)

@sir this might be a stupid discussion, but it's fun (i guess)

so my theory:

people who use git with e-mail also use window managers and console e-mail clients

and they think it's the best setup and everyone should use it. but it don't work for most people

@sir I have not found shame to be a useful motivation for learning, but you do make me feel shame sometimes.

@sir > e-mail
vscode > vim/emacs
github gui client > using git from command line

bloated GUI apps "just werks"

@keb @sir everything you just said reminded me why I hate this society

@brettgilio @sir lol drama queen, relax. I was being ironic, but either way don't think its healthy or reasonable to become enraged just because someone prefers gmail over mutt or w/e

@keb @sir Having a disdain for terrible technology doesn't make me enraged, nor a "drama queen". Cool it with the "gotcha" shit.

@brettgilio @sir "I hate society" communicates something different than having disdain for technology. maybe just poor word choice on your part. have a great day! :blobwizard:

@keb @sir it's almost as if our society is responsible for the kinds of technologies that get produced. What a thinker.

@brettgilio @sir i guess i'm not as misanthropic. 🤷‍♂️

One time, I tried to use git-send-email to send 3 commits to a mailing list. It failed to send the third email. So I repeated the process, but sent only the third email. On the page, the third commit appears as a separate thread. I'm not sure how I was supposed to salvage that.

@zachdecook technically salvagable via --in-reply-to but that's an edge case I wouldn't expect a less experienced user to be able to sort out

Do you remember what kind of error it was?

Maybe an SMTP or connection error. (Seems reasonable to blame my home internet or my work email host).
I think I remember it saying 'timeout'.

Its much harder to follow a discusion on a github issue. If a maintainer fork happens all is lost. Following a thread on an mailing list is easy. I don't get it. Github simply does not scale.

@blastmaster @sir
but it appears to be easy and "just work" in the simple usecase of a small project with 5 contributors

@wolf480pl @sir It does what enterprise platforms always do. It make simple things simpler and harder things impossible or expensive, to bind naiv users to there platform. And of course that works.

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