Prediction: within 5 years Google will have successfully turned the web into a closed platform, with DRM and spyware being ubiquitous and efforts to circumvent them becoming ineffective

Outside of principled holdouts it'll become impossible to use the web normally without giving into these changes

@dredmorbius I agree with the sentiment, but I wonder what particular developments you have in mind when you give a "<= 5 years" prediction? In terms of Google's pace these days, that's "very very soon".


@sir 100%, i'm surprised this move hasn't already been made, or laws haven't yet suddenly mutated to permit this

@toffy @sir and those of us who are opposed to this are "being alarmist" and "nothing bad is happening"


In terms of the #InternetTakeover, full list is #CloucHore (#MIC) + #GAFAM, #China, #Yandex, fwict.

Today I read about how #DoH is not the panache. Anyone with half a brain can see that but I think I'm most offended by #Firefox's implementation of it. They have given everything to the #propagandaMerchant itself, CloucHore?!

#Mozilla's term, #TrustedRecursiveResolver is absolute garbage. On the Internet there is no "#trusted"!


@sir Your “The web is dead.” in and Mozilla’s ongoing implosion made me think about this, too.

Maybe the way forward is to embrace it. Let the web become Google’s walled garden. Chrome instead of the AOL client. Use it for entertainment and centralized social media. And switch to simple, decentralized, open tools and protocols for all the other things.

@sir when I said this at work people dismissed it as the ramblings of someone being too paranoid. The writing is on the wall, and has been for ages.

@big_chip As @cwebber recently blogged, sometimes you have to show things rather than describe them. That's what I've been working on with "Rhapsode" (which I plan to follow with "Biblion" & "Haphaestus"). Besides people respond to optimism better than pessimism...

Maybe if you install Rhapsode on your phone and start talking with the web aloud, that'll lead people to ask *you* these questions. That's my hope!


@sir I think Google will fail for the same reason Microsoft did in the late 90s. Microsoft had something like 98% market share for browsers, but they failed to lock people in on the back end (it probably helped that IIS sucked).

Google can push the public around however they like on the browser side of things. To take a monopoly on the back end of things, though, they've got to either convince or strong-arm all the world's devs into abandoning their favourite web stacks, and that's tougher. Get rid of all Rails, Django, Laravel, ME*N, etc., devs in 5 years?

@sir @ethicsperoxide Unfortunately Firefox does seem to be on it's way out. And once it flops (if it does), Google will take hold of the browser space the same way Microsoft keep their hold on word processing: they wont hold themselves to open standards anymore. They will start to implement proprietary features to "optimize" the web, that will be impossible to keep up with when developing an alternative browser.

@robby @sir @ethicsperoxide who's heading Mozilla? Heard people of FB came there
Cannot trust these kinda people
Who's dumb enough to do this today?

@sir Don't let that happen.Disable the new "standards" in the browser and boycott websites which use them.That's the only thing we can do about it.I'll do my part.

It will only hasten the alternative internet into being. There's always hope.

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