Solution: within the next 5 years we need Gemini to become a mature contender to the web

@sir Oh, I didn't know about this project, this is amazing, thanks!

@sir How do you propose we do that?
Also, how advanced (or simple) would you say Gemini has to be for that to happen?

@sir imo that would mean giving Gemini all the worst parts of the web. What is the web for, who runs it; these questions go unanswered in your takes. I think programmatically building our homes, making enclaves for our culture, is best than dragging the entire world with us. The entire world doesn’t understand what’s bad about the web. It’s 1% of people. So live for those people and leave the web to the rest

@am at no point did I suggest that the necessary improvements to gemini would involve bringing parts of the web to it

@sir so how would you make it a contender

@am make it embrace its niche so effectively that it becomes a compelling alternative for the web in its niche

Right now the execution of gemini is pretty immature; clients are hard to use, buggy, and provide a poor experience. Servers are not very flexible. The spec needs to be refined. What we have today is not the maximum potential of gemini even without expanding its goals.

@sir so, lower the barrier to entry with better UX

I think Gemini could become a very good “document” network yes, I like the idea of building more tools to allow for manipulating and sorting information; I mostly wonder how one can optimise and extend all this while enforcing that it remains, above all, human scale — but you didn’t say this. I’m just wondering

@sir @am I'm actually planning a post on what I think the "true potential" of gemini as a protocol is
Look out for the tag in the next couple of days (I'm really sick right now or it would definitely be today)
I fear, as @am that big companies that destroyed the web would do the same with Gemini. Extends it with futile features, force other implementations to follow, and at the end give the same result. We have to make sure this won't happen. Staying a niche network feels the easiest way. IRC by example still is a niche network and this fact maybe saved it.
Megacorps don't give a shit about Linux as gaming platform. Let's expect they are consistent about Gemini as content sharing platform.
Anyway, how is licensed Gemini ? Maybe this could be enough

@Seirdy @am @stacyharper trademarks are scoped by domain

And NASA would like to have a word with Paramount

@stacyharper @sir @am it's important to remember that an alternative isn't necessarily a competitor. gemini doesn't need to compete with the web since it isn't trying to be a replacement.
@Seirdy @am @sir Completly. And I'd like huge companies to still think Gemini is nothing and let it alone
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