FlatPak: I have roped off a corner of this highly secure facility for you to place your proprietary terrorist spyware "music player" into.

Do not cross the rope! And definitely do not press this switch I have conveniently provided within reach, which, if pressed, will remove the rope.


We have saved Linux on the desktop from the old and curmodgeny and bad Linux distributions! Hooray!

Oh? Not being able to easily install malware was a *feature* of those distros? Hah! Don't be silly. Just install spotify and we'll blast some tunes to drown out the sound of those gentlemen diligently carrying your private data off into that van over there.

What's that rotting smell? It seems to be coming from that fetid, bloated mass? Oh, don't worry about THAT! That fetid mass makes it EASY for developers to ship an entire system to avoid dealing with their dependencies properly. A minor side effect is quickly and constantly worsening rot because no one updates them.

But it's FINE, let's install ZOOM now so you can enjoy a conference call with you, all of your colleagues, and the Chinese communist party spies!


Let's just make sure no one accidentally mentions the name or address of our Uyghur colleagues!

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