So in case you didn't know there are a bunch of cool Plan 9-related projects on

Digital audio workstation

Music player

AV1 video player


Fennel port

Bunch of stuff from ~kvik

@sir I'm in the process of writing a gemini server rn. It'll be on sourcehut if and when it's "done" enough to publish.

@sir What does Gemini provide that limiting yourself to a sane subset of HTTP and HTML doesn't?

@mr64bit what do bikes provide that limiting yourself to a sane subset of a cruise ship doesn't?

@mr64bit @sir one nice thing about its text format is that it's readable in its raw form, unlike HTML. and unlike Markdown, it is much better specified and tries to avoid weird edge cases.
i had my doubts about it, but after trying it, i think it's pretty darn great for mostly-text websites.

@grainloom @mr64bit @sir random question from someone who doesn't know something about the protocol; it is possible to have a "proxy gateway" that takes in some form of a gemini URL and trans-parses it to HTML/displayable form for a HTTP-based browser?

Cuz if so, adoption could be easier and such

> AV1 video player

Finally I could watch anime in Plan9 :D

@sir i almost forgot i had that fennel repo. guess i'll update it.

@sir If you're interested in running gemini in plan9 there is some work done already.

A gemini server written in rc.

A gemini client for plan9:

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