I am aware that I have some degree of following in places which tolerate softcore bigotry (by which I mean the normalization of "harmless" bigoted in-jokes and satire), and that many of those places sometimes think of me as one of their own, someone who "gets it".

I want to re-iterate that I don't find those communities and those behaviors acceptable, and I think they often represent the first in a series of dominos which can develop people into really hateful ideologies and tragic behaviors.

Don't forget that I am a staunch leftist, anti-capitalist, and devout participant in free and open software and culture. Think critically about what that actually represents before using me to reinforce the cognative biases of your in-group.

If that gives you pause, you might want to critically re-evaluate the values that your community is exposing you to, and consider if you should be being exposed to something healthier.

Thanks. I'm always here to listen to you in my DMs.

@sir Thank you for this. I think this is something very worthwhile to make explicit. Free and open software and culture should be advancing the very principles you espouse here. But we know that all too often many spaces in the free software sphere are infected by many of the same exclusionary and discriminatory ideologies as are found in other areas of 'tech', and none of these are things any of us should want to be associated with free and open software/culture.

@emacsomancer @sir not exaclt sure what you mean by those values should advance the Foss/open source. Are you referring to Democrat values and ideology?

@sir Thanks for saying that. To my great and undying annoyance libertarians are often confused for conservatives, so I feel your pain.

Also, for the record, Black lives matter, and no human is illegal.

@sir if you are a leftist then you do not like free open sorce software as if you are a leftist you would like the state to controll everything.

@aage @sir You are using a strawman definition of "leftist", the one with which nobody would associate themselves.

@aage I don't think this is a productive way to phrase your argument. could you lay it out in a less combative way?

@verita84 @migratory It does not take courage to proclaimed you’re a leftist in today’s society.

@aage @verita84 sure, but many leftists have sold their testicles to afford clever knuckle tattoos and supplies for street medics.

@migratory Open Source software has come as a result of a free and open society and people that has been able to spend their time on working on different projects just for fun. Under a Socialist leftist government freedom and your ability to create things just for free will disappear as you will have to concentrate on living and working for yourself and your family.

The more freedom people have the more they will be able to create and share with the world what they have created for free.

@aage I don't think most leftists intend to increase working hours compared to the standard 40-day work week of modern capitalist economies. Leftists have been behind experiments with shortened work weeks and basic income in a number of countries.

Whether basic income or shortened workweeks are economically feasible is a separate question--but leftists are not, broadly speaking, in favor of a situation where people work more than they do under capitalism. A premise of the left is that the richest capitalists accumulate wealth without returning most of it to the rest of society--if, instead, everyone else just worked less, we would have *more* free time, and capitalist robber barons would have less money.

@migratory Have you seen any of the countries were leftists are in power like Cuba, North-Korea and so on? Do you think many of the people there are working on free software?

In Norway were I live we are mostly a capitalistic society but we have some social programs that really cost us a fortune and you can look at Greece and Italy and see what happen when the social programs become to big.

@migratory Personally, I think we need a mixed government as the socialists will hold back the extreme capitalists and the capitalists and liberalists will hold back the extreme leftists.

I love personal freedom and I do not want the state to tell me how to live my life.

@aage @sir
Marx wrote that Communism would result in the abolition of the state, so you couldn't be more wrong.

@sir The real question to ask yourself if you are part of a community like that is whether you truly believe that each and every person laughing at those jokes with you is doing so purely ironically

@sir Not saying that as a moral lesson from a perfect position either;

I myself am a moderator of several communities of mostly-sensible people where I'm trying to get the higher-ups to draw better lines on it

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