MA propagandists are equating right to repair with rape

@sir I saw that when Louis Rossman was covering it. You look at the people supporting the RTR bill and it tells the whole story.
@sir WHAT?!?!? so they are trying to say that me opening up my phone to replace a failed(ing) component = forcing someone to have sex...WTF

Jesus some people's children...

I'm surprised they didn't play the pedophile card...

@sir jeeeeeez... sounds like American politics to me!

"Wanna take monopoly power away from corporations? Okay, that's fine, but you'll probably get raped."

@sir that is insane and actually a form of slander by the group and libel by the company that aired it. Not like anyone could win against the idiots that made it, in the first place.

@sir it's a 3 pronged attack. technology in your car. and then trusting the security of your privacy/data.

i'd love to hear the guy go on in his debunking efforts.

@sir if this data is so dangerous, the car companys shouldn't have it.
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