I really fucking hate email spammers

If you send me literally any unsolicited email for the purpose of moving money from my wallet to yours then I sincerely hope you die a slow, painful, horrible death


That applies to everyone involved

The manager who told their dev to do it

The dev who did it

The marketer who wrote the email

The sysadmin of the mail server

The CEO of the company

I hope you all die in an accident

@sir Why not hoping they suddenly change their mind and do something actually good for the society? Instead of hoping them dead?

@pixelherodev @sir Well I was just answering at the same level. I don't see how wishing all these people dead is realistic in any ways. And in fact, being realistic is understanding that wishing that is just violence and it fires back, always. So wanting to get rid of that and being pragmatic goes through wishing them to change their mind and evolve. No?

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