Reminder to tag your projects on the project hub

@sir how do you tag projects? I don't see anything under setting?

@neauoire ah, you have lots of git repos, but no projects. A git repo != a project like it does on github. Add your projects here:

@sir @neauoire Will point out that I got caught out by that too. Think in my case it was more a "being a human" problem given we're really good at just not reading stuff that's right in front of us.

@OTheB @neauoire I think it also comes down to joining sourcehut prior to the introduction of the project hub and the new onboarding flow that came with it

@sir Ah! That's it, I don't have a "project" that warrants multiple repositories yet, since everything is very small. But I will make some if I work on a multiple repo project. Thanks for the tip.

@neauoire a lot of projects are single-repo too! You might also benefit from setting up a single shared mailing list or bug tracker between all of your projects. You also get the benefit of being listed in the public index. You should definitely make some projects :)

@neauoire nice :) make sure you complete (or dismiss) the checklist in order to get them indexed 👍

@sir it would be nice if the "best practice for tags" opened in a new window.

@neauoire as a general rule we never open anything in a new tab because it's a bad UX; you can always middle click if you want a new tab but you can't tell if a link is going to force one and there's no way to prevent it from happening if it would

@sir I totally expected that to open in a new windows because of the icon, maybe I've been conditioned that way from other sites.

I was a bit surprised it didn't ask me if I wanted to save the information in the fields and just changed page.

@neauoire typically your browser will save that info and you can just press back and it'll all still be there

@sir Also, why comma separated if the tags don't take spaces?

My first instinct was(even tho I went on the guide, I'm just hard headed that way), I tried:

#6502 #assembly #famicom

Then the page refreshed with

#, 6, 5, 0, 2, , #, a, s, s, e, m, b, l, y, , #, f, a, m, i, c, o, m

@sir I'm giving you my feedback even tho I know you don't like doing tech support using the fedi. If that's annoying, I'll stop, I just thought maybe you'd like to know what goes through someone's head when they use this for the first time.

@neauoire hm, can you send me an email about this?

@neauoire by the way, if you make a project for orca I'd feature it in a heartbeat 😉

@sir Oh yeah? That can be arranged. ^^ one minute, I'm putting together an epic 6502 project right now.

@sir Orca project with multiple repos, mailing list bug tracker and everything!

Projects are great, I will use that from now on.

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