@ashwinvis I did not imply causation by posting this. In fact I kind of implied the opposite

@sir I still don't see what your point is 🤷‍♂️

In any case the rise of Chrome and its ruthless tactics (preinstalled, non-compatible websites) are the primary reason, for usage to decline I think.

@ashwinvis how about all the bullshit they were doing instead of making a web browser: killedbymozilla.com/

@sir @ashwinvis perversly high CEO wages are always a good sign if you fire people from a non-profit because the buget is tight... With this money they could have kept a couple of very good people in the payroll. And I simply refuse to beleve that any single executive anywhere is worth those absurd sums.

@ashwinvis @sir implying (absolute) "usage decline" is an error in a series of errors that happen when glorifying market share.

Snark, because that's not how correlations work 

@sir what is your take on web browsers? any recommendation?

I do use Firefox as it has "good" privacy options (comparing with its "rivals"), also nice addons (like Multi-Account Containers), but Mozilla is screwing things for a long time now and I'm very disappointed with their choices

@sir i dont' see any correlation. Wether you pay much or less. The slow continuez

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